Water Damage Repair in Middlesex County

A lot can happen to your home when you have damages caused by water.

  • Floods from faulty appliances

  • Rain, Ice, Wind, Hail, and other Storm damages to exterior roofs, siding, windows, doors, and more

  • Water damages done during fires

  • Wastewater back-flow from plumbing

  • Leaking pipes or fixtures

Since most of the materials inside your home aren't resistant to water damage, they are very likely ruined when your home is exposed to moisture or flooding. Drywall or sheet rock and wood will often need to be removed and replaced.

Sheet Rock Repair

Before your walls can be painted, the surfaces need to be in the proper condition. Sheet rock, or dry wall, can easily get damaged by water and other objects. Cracks, holes, dents, scrapes, and more can happen to your sheet rock at any time. Commonly, cracks occur in sheet rock when the home's foundation settles.

Sheet Rock repair is not a complicated matter, but unless you have the skill to make the repair properly it will become a difficult repair. The materials are not forgiving and every misplaced stroke or mistake made will show through. Professionals have many years of experience handling the materials and know how to make the surface look smooth and as if nothing had ever happened to it.

Ceiling Repair

Ceiling surfaces in homes are normally made of Sheet Rock or drywall. The surface is either left smooth, textured or treated with popcorn insulation.

At LeBlanc Painting, we repair, patch up, install, texture, and finish your ceiling when you need repairs or replacement. We can re-do just the areas that need it or your whole house.

Insurance Estimates

If you are planning to file a claim with your homeowner's hazard insurance company, you'll want to get your own estimates for the repairs. Having someone you can trust on your side during times like these is a good thing.

Your insurance company obtains estimates from local companies in order to determine how much repairs like yours should cost. The problem is that they will first look out for their own interests when using these estimates, so it's important that you also gather at least one estimate for the work so you know you are on target and can turn them into with your claim submission.

From there, you'll be able to have more choice in who does the repairs and how much of the costs go to what part of the project. Most homeowners want local service companies while most of the time the insurance company will gather quotes from local, but corporate, businesses like Home Depot or Lowe's.

Water Stains

Water stains often can't be just painted over. They need to be sealed with a proper sealant, primed, and then repainted. Sometimes if damage to the material is done, it will just have to be replaced first. For instance, if your ceiling leaks, you'll wind up with a stain, but your drywall can also warp or bulge. When that happens, it will need to be cut out and repaired first.

Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams occur when there are air holes in your roof or attic space. When it snows or sleets, your rooftop is pitched to cause snow to slide on down the roof, but with airflow occurring it will melt the snow and cause ice to build up along the edges of the roof. The ice can build up so high that it forms a waterfall down to the ground.

Ice dams are dangerous and should not be ignored. The ice can break off at any time and crush or stab someone or anything underneath. The roof can withstand only so much weight, and by the buildup of an ice dam and accumulating snow, it can cave in under the weight.

If removed but the air flow problem isn't addressed, the ice dam will come back. That's why it's important to not only remove the ice dam but to also get rid of the cause.

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